Dark Lane Haunted Attraction

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The Darkness speaks

About us

We maintain and improve Dark Lane Haunted Attraction as a hobby. It is provided for trick or treaters at no charge. We ask that anyone wanting to take pictures or video contact one of our greeters or senior staff. We do not mind you taking pictures, but we need to show you where it is okay to take pictures.

Again, this is a home haunt, and does not benefit anyone except for kids trick or treating. This is done out of our love for Halloween and haunting, as a way to give something to our community in the form of an enjoyable time for children.

The only thing that we ask of our customers is that you do not destroy or attempt to steal the things we work very hard to construct for your enjoyment. We do have hidden video cameras in use to protect our intellectual property.

Thank you for visiting Dark Lane Haunted Attraction, and we hope you have a terrific time!